plsact - Public Leadership Support Act

What is all About?

When something is done wrong is either Leadership Inability or a Conspiracy against the Citizens; there is no other possible reason.

Public Leadership Support Act aims to assist public leaderships by providing expert analysis on key decisions and facts and how this contribute negative or positive for a case. Suggestions for improvement will be provided most of times.

Issues are ranked with a with of importance/effect and a positive/negative rank. Also history will be maintained.

If you see what it takes for someone today to be involved in politics your will notice that politician will follow a path even from the childhood that deprives from them
-Technical Knowledge
-Complex Thinking
In past decades politicians used to be more skilled than most people, more educated, with better technical knowledge but this has changed.
The complexity of modern world has actually reverse this. Business/Market people are better educated than politicians and because they have to work hard every day in order to succeed (success here is absolutely objective and measured) they are more creative. Finally the complexity of life and work environment has evolve market professional thinking more. Successful market/professionals/leaders are not leaving their business today on order to get involved with politics.

How many times you have said 'They cant see that this cannot be done' or 'They cant see this will make things worst'... well most the times the truth is that they cannot and that's because they don't have the skills you have.

On the other hand our Politicians have Public Relationships skills, communication skills and are there to manage a country/state/city. We need them and we want to help them not being 'administrators' but to become 'Leaders'. We want to assist them in their decision because their decisions may have an effect in our lives, in their lives.

So this what we do here. Politicians ask for our help and we have to give it. Structured Project Groups of experts use the platform to organize information and provide assistance to those that are interested!

Main Activities

We are mostly volunteers!

Most of us do not get paid for what we are doing here. We offer our expert advice and skills in order to help for a better world for all. What we offer is for the benefit of all people, no matter their financial status, location, or ethnicity. What we propose in the short or long term will benefit all.

We offer expert judgement and advice

Teams of experts in technology, economy, engineering,marketing,management,law e.t.c. will judge decisions and facts will weight and mark as positive or negative for the case in general. At every point reasoning will be given and suggestions of improvement will be provided.

We write the history today

For the areas and topics we are involved we will keep a history of facts in a form of time-lined bullet list.

We document the standards for public leaderships

We are running various internal projects like the Public Leadership Handbook with practical information on how to manage successfully various sectors of a country/state an become a leader the people will remember.

...and many more :). is something we like to do and then something we have to do since if we you are not involved, we should not have expectations.
Thank you for your interest and we expect you involvement!

CU in a team

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